Optimising Your Performance

Our optimisation area is focused on creating, developing and improving our in-house tools and ways of working with a focus on gathering and preparing quality data to drive better decision making and higher conversion. We work hand in hand with our Sourcing, Sales and Marketing teams, as well as our clients in a dynamic and agile way, to optimize our product content globally.

We’ve developed new tools adapted to the market trends that process and synthesize data from a wide range of  in-house tech systems (including BI, API traffic, sales performance and product mapping) that enable us to optimize our portfolio based on clear trends in the data.

Within this area there is team dedicated to analyzing, programming, developing and delivering the reports we identify are necessary for optimisation purposes.



We are constantly analysing and redefining our sourcing process to improve the quality of our hotel portfolio. This has resulted in a strong content policy which means that over 90% of our key products have optimised content in terms of imagery, descriptions, languages etc, and we have a “Descriptions Plan” in place, with 29 languages already available and new languages coming on board.

We are also standardising our hotel factsheets, the quality of the pictures loaded, roomtype codification and facilities, detecting gaps and defining plans to achieve our high quality targets

To make sure you have even more products with competitive conditions, an accelleration plan has been put in place to increase the amount of preferential and exclusive agreements we have available.

Finally, we ensure the right rate mix is available within all our portfolio, communicating gaps to our sourcing teams.



Some of our key responsibilities when optimising your performance are:

  • Producing portfolio reports that help optimise the product display such us the “TopRank report” which is available for all clients and frequently shared by Account Managers.
  • Gathering client’s requirements at sourcing level that has resulted in 11,000 incremental properties based on client’s wish lists.
  • Creating tools to map our destination and hotel portfolio ensuring the key products at corridor level are mapped and displayed.
  • Product display, content and portfolio reports that help clients when adding the key product to their business model.
  • Frequent communication of new exclusive products, improvements in our systems and reports we make available for our clients.


We have a new tool available for both hotel partners and clients, called OneHotelMapping, which has been created based on best-practice from our three legacy brands. 

It detects gaps and maps new properties for clients with a key focus on our exclusive and preferential products. It is also linked to the API traffic and sales performance so that a clear overview of client performance is provided to detect key opportunities quickly and easily.