Access live data on trending destinations via The Compass

Access live data on trending destinations via The Compass

Aug.2, 2020

To support your recovery we´ve launched a new tool called The Compass. 

The Compass is a direct response to the current volatility in the marketplace and the platform has been designed to harness our live data intelligence. Why? To provide web-based clients with insights on the top current trending destinations in your source market as well as providing you with data on changes in trends versus previous weeks.

It additionally can offer you information on average booking lead times, a selection of the top properties available, and features the very best rates and conditions. 
What is more, The Compass also equips users with powerful marketing capabilities that enable you to automatically create personalised, branded promotional campaigns with your own selection of hotels that you can then directly target to customers via email, WhatsApp or other channels.You can access The Compass at no additional cost simply by logging-in to our website as normal. 

Commenting on the launch Gareth Matthews, Marketing Director at Hotelbeds said: “The demand for travel is beginning to return, although of course there is still significant disruption and volatility that is regularly changing the status quo regarding the most popular source / destination corridors. As a leader in our sector we have access to a wealth of live booking data that we wanted to put at the full disposal of our valued customers. 

“We´ve spent the lock-down period preparing The Compass – amongst other new tools and initiatives – to give our partners a powerful new platform to help them understand the market trends, access a curated set of top products in trending destinations, and provide them with powerful yet user friendly tools to help them market directly to the final consumer.”