How To Capitalise on Global Sporting Events

How To Capitalise on Global Sporting Events

Jul.4, 2023


With the Women's World Cup in full swing until August 20th, and set to be the most anticipated edition yet, it's evident that sporting events continue to captivate both fans and travellers around the globe. Events like this create a unique atmosphere that draws people in, allowing them to experience the thrill and excitement firsthand, and is particularly beneficial for travel providers in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia-Pacific, as the host destinations for this year's spectacle!

The last Women's World Cup in 2019 was a massive success, generating nearly 300 million EUR in GDP for France. And the excitement continues at an all time high for the 2023 Women's World Cup, with over 1 million tickets already sold before kick off.

These numbers are just a glimpse of the potential that globally renowned events like the World Cup hold, and for travel providers all around the world, there is a golden opportunity to tap into the high demand and prestige that events like the Women's World Cup bring with them. By showcasing popular sporting events and supplementing them with fulfilling experiences, you can give your clients the chance to experience trending destinations during their most celebratory moments, with added enrichment. 

To help you do this, we’ve highlighted some opportunities, regions, and experiences that will allow your clients to discover the rich and authentic side of these host destinations, making their trip truly unique and unforgettable. 

With this approach, not only will travellers have an incredible time in-destination, but you will also maximise your sales!

But first …

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Now, let us explore some of the key sporting events you should be capitalising on for 2023 and into 2024.


Key Sporting Events for 2023


Rugby World Cup, France: September 8th - October 28th

The 2023 Rugby World Cup is poised to be a milestone event, marking the tenth time this prestigious tournament has taken place. It also is the first Rugby World Cup to be held exclusively in France. Spanning across ten captivating host cities including Bordeaux, Nantes, Lille, Lyon, Paris, Marseille, Toulouse, Saint-Etienne, Nice and Saint Denis, and spanning a duration of six weeks, this edition of the Rugby World Cup is generating immense excitement and anticipation. Notably, it coincides with the remarkable occasion of rugby's bicentennial anniversary, further enhancing its significance!

Of course, the popularity of this event meants that its key host cities will be busy! So here are a few recommendations for some of the slightly quieter host cities, or indeed great alternative destinations for travellers preparing for the games.

Where To Stay

Saint-Etienne, renowned for its fusion of contemporary design and rich cultural heritage, has proudly been recognised as a UNESCO City of Design and is one of the key host cities! While the city centre remains a popular choice for many visitors, those seeking more budget-friendly accommodations will find excellent options in close proximity to the Carnot and Châteaucreux train stations in the city. Additionally, travellers arriving by car can consider staying in residential neighbourhoods within the city such as Bellevue and Villebeouf.

Lille, situated in Northern France, is a captivating city that boasts a rich heritage and a delightful fusion of French and Flemish culture. For an exceptional visit to this host city, the neighbourhood of Vieux-Lille within the city is a true gem, characterised by its charming narrow streets, historic architecture, and numerous boutique shops and cosy cafés.

For travellers who have tickets to any of the matches in Toulouse, we highly recommend considering Albi as a fantastic alternative destination. Located just an hour (around 78km by car for the shortest route and an hour on the train) outside of the bustling tourist city of Toulouse, Albi is a stunning hidden-gem village that serves as an ideal base for exploring the breathtaking Occitanie region. As a UNESCO site, Albi boasts captivating medieval architecture and tranquil, picturesque streets, particularly in the charming Castelnau neighbourhood.


Asian Games, multi-sports, Hangzhou: September 23rd - October 8th

Following the postponement in 2022 due to COVID-19 regulations, the highly anticipated return of the 19th edition of the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, promises to be an exciting event for both sports enthusiasts and travellers alike. Offering a total of 40 sports and 482 individual events, ranging from pentathlons and basketball, break dancing and athletics, to karate, gymnastics, skateboarding and even chess, there is undoubtedly a wide array of options to cater to every interest!

Where To Stay

As the focal sporting hub of the games, the Hangzhou Olympic Center Stadium on the Qiantang River - known as the 'Big Lotus' - will stage the opening and closing ceremonies, and the althetics. The Olympic Center Stadium also hosts a cluster of other important venues where the tennis, aquatic sport events, squash and basketball will take place. So travellers looking to maximise their time near to this central hub can stay in some of the amazing local districts!

West Lake, part of the Xihu district and just 30 minutes from the Olympic Center Stadium, is widely recognised as the premier location for cultural sightseeing and tourism! This UNESCO World Heritage Site is also host to a number of sporting events such as golf, football, water polo, gymnastics and more, in venues including the West Lake International Golf Course and the Yellow Dragon Sports Center to name a few. Enhance the experience for your clients by recommending visits to awe-inspiring Buddhist temples such as Yue Fei Temple and Lingyin Temple. Additionally Long Jing tea farms, Bai Causeway, and the remarkable Bhosi Mountain offer unparalleled natural landscape views.

The downtown area of Hangzhou is known for its modernity and offers a wide range of top-quality hotels. This bustling city centre is the ideal choice for travellers who are looking for breathtaking cityscape views, contemporary facilities, and the lively atmosphere of a busy metropolitan area.

Shangcheng is just south of the main downtown area of Hangzhou, 15 minutes from the Olympic Center Stadium, and is known for its scenic beauty and commerce! The western side of the district borders West Lake while the south side borders Wu Mountain, making for a picturesque stay. Football matches will be held here, in the Shangcheng Sports Center Stadium and the Hangzhou Chess Institute is also located in this district, which will host the games' complex cognitive sports like bridge, chess, go, and xiangqi.

Within the Xixi National Wetland, also only 30 minutes from the central Olympic Center Stadium, must-see sights include Xixi Paradise Boutique Commercial Street, the Hangzhou Wetland Botanical Garden and of course the Xixi Wetland Park itself! With its delicious restaurants and proximity to the Asian Games in Hangzhou centre, Xixi National Wetland is the ideal destination for those seeking some natural beauty in the downtime between games.

Key Sporting Events for 2024


Winter X-Games, Aspen

Renowned for its daring nature, the Winter X Games sees over 200 athletes pushing the boundaries of their respective winter sports, leading to numerous groundbreaking achievements and inspiring countless generations of athletes. With the best of the best competing fiercely against each other, the Winter X Games has earned its reputation for excellence.

Where To Stay

Glenwood Springs, located approximately 56km from Aspen, is an easy and picturesque drive from the heart of the action in Aspen. Plus, there is a dependable bus service available! Visitors can indulge in various activities to warm up, such as enjoying the expansive 33,000 square foot Glenwood Hot Springs Pool or experiencing the rejuvenating underwater springs at Yampah Vapor Caves. For thrill-seekers, snowmobiling through the back of Sunlight Mountain offers an unforgettable adventure, while skiing in this area provides an equally exhilarating and satisfying experience comparable to any of the larger mountains in the area.


NFL Super Bowl LVIII, Las Vegas: February 11th 

The 58th Super Bowl is touching down in Las Vegas in the recently opened Allegiant Stadium, and marks the first time that Las Vegas and the state of Nevada have hosted this iconic event. Based on the estimate that approximately 450,000 individuals will be in attendance in Las Vegas for Super Bowl weekend, it’s sure to be an even more unmissable occasion than usual! Travellers should be prepared for a hefty price tag, as it is projected to be the most expensive one to date for fans.

However, this also provides a great opportunity to capture travelers who are looking for a luxurious getaway, with many high-end hotels and resorts situated along the Strip, most notably. Read our article on how to cater for luxury travellers here for more inspiration!

Where To Stay

The Strip
Allegiant Stadium is located on this most famous central road in Las Vegas! Travellers can expect to find round-the-clock entertainment, luxurious hotels that are architectural marvels in their own right, and a unique atmosphere that is exclusive to this vibrant city. During the Super Bowl a myriad of fan events, concerts, and hospitality gatherings will be held in all the casinos here, and extending north. For avid fans seeking the ultimate Super Bowl experience, this is undoubtedly the ultimate destination for their stay.

Around 22km and an approxmiate 20 minute drive from the Strip, Summerlin features a remarkable 200 miles of walking trails nearby, numerous coffee shops, golf courses, an array of outdoor activities and parks, not to mention the convenient proximity of the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area just 15 minutes away! This neighbourhood is an exceptional option for families and travellers seeking a tranquil and rejuvenating experience.

Fremont Street
A renowned section of the city often referred to as 'Old Vegas', Fremont Street, a short 15 minute drive from Allegient Stadium itself, is a down-to-earth and historically significant area that provides no-frills entertainment for all travellers who venture beyond the Strip. This vibrant district offers a wide range of attractions, including live music venues that cater to every genre, countless neon-lit casinos, and bars with inviting fireplaces or energetic techno-filled nightclubs. With its diversity, Fremont Street truly has something to offer everyone.

What To Do

When visiting Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon is a must! The closest section to the city is the West Rim, which can be conveniently accessed by renting a car or booking a guided tour. Alternatively, adventurous travellers who prioritise breathtaking views may opt for the more remote Grand Canyon North, which offers stunning vistas with fewer crowds. For a truly unforgettable experience, it may be worth recommending a thrilling helicopter ride for the ultimate views of this natural wonder!

Las Vegas itself is also home to many local attractions, and offering exclusive ticket passes for flexible exploring is best for travellers who like to go it alone!

For a remote town with authentic atmosphere, travellers can visit Blue Diamond which is just a half hour outside of Las Vegas, and enjoy this historic mining town. While they’re there, the hike up Mount Wilson in the Spring Mountain Ranch State Park has stunning views all the way across to Las Vegas.

Many guided experiences and exciting activities just like this can be booked with exclusive rates in our Booking Engine! 

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Monaco Grand Prix, F1 Racing, Monte Carlo: May 23rd - 27th

Though the Formula 1 schedule spans from the end of 2023 to the latter quarter of 2024, the Monaco Grand Prix is undeniably one of the most highly anticipated race weekends. Renowned for its challenging street circuit that winds through the narrow and twisting streets of Monte Carlo, this event is truly one-of-a-kind and offers a spectacular experience. Combine that with the undeniable glitz and glamour of Monte Carlo itself, and this is one of the most prestigious sporting events of the calendar - many celebrities and VIPs also attend this event, so it’s a must for sports and pop-culture fans alike.

As an alternative, the Singapore F1 Grand Prix would cater wonderfully to affluent sports-lovers and event-goers alike from the APAC region, or even those who are due to be, or already passing through at the time of this prestigous event. It's an equally unmissable event, and one for which we're able to offer exclusive packages for your clients! 

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Where To Stay

Here are several great alternative destinations for travellers to stay in, no more than 30km from Monaco!

Located just 5km away, Eze offers a more cost-effective option compared to Monaco. Known as the Riviera's ‘real showpiece’, this picturesque medieval village boasts a breathtaking clifftop setting, with Belle Époque villas and charming narrow streets lined with bougainvillea, wisteria, and lemon trees.

Antibes, a charming coastal village and fortification, is nestled along the Riviera. Its rustic and picturesque ambiance, situated within 16th-century star-shaped ramparts, exudes a timeless allure. With its rich historic appeal, Antibes provides the perfect setting for tranquil evenings, allowing travellers to unwind after the excitement of the racing.

Nice offers the perfect blend of sunshine and glamour, all at a more affordable price point. Located just 14km from Monaco, this coastal destination boasts a collection of luxurious hotels, renowned restaurants, and exciting casinos along the iconic Promenade des Anglais. Additionally, the town's charming flower markets and abundance of fresh produce create a delightful Provençal ambiance that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Located just 27km from Monaco, La Colle sur Loup is an inland village that stands out from the typical terracotta coloured houses that dominate the Côte d’Azur. Instead, it boasts white stone buildings with mint green or orange shutters. Travellers will immediately notice the rural, French way of life that reigns supreme in this village, characterised by simplicity and a strong sense of community centred around the main square.

Alternatively, for travellers who are looking for a more luxurious stay, a trip to Monaco ticks all the boxes. Read our article on how to cater for luxury travellers for more tips on meeting the needs of this traveller type.


UEFA Champions League Final, London: June 1st

The 17th UEFA Euro Championship is widely regarded as one of the premier events in the football calendar. With unparalleled popularity and global appeal, it showcases the finest teams from Europe as they compete for the prestigious title of 'Europe's best'. Set to unfold in the city of London in 2024 in Wembley Stadium, this unmissable tournament promises to deliver unparalleled excitement and fervour for fans!

Where To Stay

East Central London
With a thriving creative scene in the likes of Brick Lane or Shoreditch and the glitz of the newer financial districts like Canary Wharf surrounding the Thames, East London offers a busy, metropolitan atmosphere interspersed with down-to-earth creativity. Why not recommend a walking tour around the vibrant Brick Lane and Shoreditch to really immerse your clients? Plus, as Wembley Stadium is only an hour away on the London Tube lines, travellers can get the best of both worlds with London's most prestigous sporting venue during the day, and this vibrant creative borough after the games themselves.

West End
London’s West End, between 30 and 45 minutes on the Tube depending on your travellers' specific location, is an ideal destination for families and first-time visitors to the city. With ample opportunity to discover tourist hotspots such as Covent Garden, Soho, Oxford Street, Leicester Square, and Mayfair, this is a must-visit location! Additionally, this area offers a wide range of art galleries, diverse dining options, and a vibrant nightlife scene. South Bank, which is just a short walk away, presents a charming promenade along with renowned attractions like the London Eye, the Tate Modern, Shakespeare's The Globe Theatre, and Madame Tussauds.

For a quieter experience, travellers can stay in the charming borough of Fitzrovia or Bloomsbury and enjoy a wide range of accommodation at a slightly lower price tag. These boroughs are ideal for bookshop lovers and museum-goers especially, with the British Museum as a key highlight. Not to mention, the iconic Wembley Stadium is only 40 minutes away on the Tube!

London is also host to some key sporting attractions that are perfect pit-stops for fanatics! Sports lovers should check out the Emirates Stadium and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, both of which offer immersive tour experiences to get a good look inside these iconic venues.

But for travellers who want to explore London itself at their own pace, why not offer them exclusive ticket passes to 80+ attractions in London? Or maybe even a hop-on-hop-off sightseeing bus for a stress-free flexible way to see the city?

Top tip - London is in hot demand during the summer months and 2024 especially will have seen record numbers just after the UEFA Champions League and with the prestigious, historic Wimbledon tennis tournament soon after in July. So this is the perfect time to really hone in on London as a destination that travellers shouldn’t miss out on! 


Olympic Games, Paris: July 26th - August 11th

An event that needs little to no introduction, the Olympic Games are the pillar of sporting prowess and have achieved worldwide renown across the many years that this cornerstone tournament has been running. Garnering the interest and excitement of millions of people all around the globe, the Olympic Games offers a prime opportunity to draw upon the cultural significance of this event and double down on the electric atmosphere it brings not only to the host destination, but to viewers all over the world. 

The Olympic Games 2024 descends upon Paris, as does its sister tournament the Paralympic Games just after, and with a total of 15 Olympic sites and 11 Paralympic sites around the city of Paris itself, and 21 of 32 Olympic sports just 10km away from the Olympic Village, there is plenty to occupy sports lovers of all preferences!

Other key host cities include Nice, Saint-Etienne, Marseille and Bordeaux; but our recommendations stick to Paris itself, and their proxmity to the main venue, Stade de France, which will transform into the Parisian Olympic Stadium.

Where To Stay

Located just 36 minutes on the Metro from the Stade de France, Bastille offers an excellent alternative neighbourhood location. It's a prime basecamp for your customers during their time in the city! With a wide array of exceptional dining and drinking establishments, as well as a plethora of boutique shops along the charming Rue de Charonne, there is no shortage of options to explore. Additionally, culture enthusiasts can indulge in the artistic offerings at the Opéra Bastille.

A quick 30 minutes on the Metro from the main Olympic venue, Montmarte makes a great hub for travellers! Treat your clients to an authentic Parisian experience with the picturesque streets of Montmartre, complete with its retro cafes, ivy-covered apartments, and the stunning white domes of the Sacré-Cœur. Don't forget to recommend your clients take a leisurely stroll through the Musée de Montmartre to complete their visit to this enchanting neighbourhood.

Canal Saint-Martin is a delightful destination for foodie travellers, featuring an abundance of organic produce stores, craft coffee shops, and charming canal-side restaurants. Just a 9 minute Metro ride from the Hôtel de Ville, which will host the Olympic marathon, this location is nevertheless a great location for travellers to stay to remain close to the main action.

Meanwhile, for travellers seeking an iconic experience, Champs-Élysées presents Paris's renowned and bustling shopping district. However, experienced travellers know to veer away from the main Champs-Élysées street and instead venture into the side streets to experience authentic Parisian charm at its most bourgeois.


Paralympic Games, Paris: August 28th - 8th September

Another event that needs little introduction, the Paralympic Games will see the world's best atheletes compete in a wide range of 22 sports over 11 days, making it an extremely significant event in the global sporting landscape! This year's Games will feature 4,400 of the world's top Paralympic athletes, and as its prestige and popularity only increases, this is set to be one of the most anticipated Paralympics to date.

And in light of the Paralympic games so closely following the Olympics, our top recommendations for where to stay in and around Paris are also ideal for this  second installment of world-class athleticism. But of course, a trip to Paris would be nothing without seeing the Louvre or the Musée d'Orsay, and the incredible Notre Dame - and perhaps even a thrilling Burlesque performance at the iconic Moulin Rouge! 

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While this is not a complete list of all the sporting events happening worldwide in 2023 and 2024, these are some of the significant events that we believe offer great opportunities for travel providers like yourself to meet their increasing demand. And to enhance your customers' travel experience, our powerful Booking Engine enables you to incorporate the best tours and activities into their itineraries!

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