Why it's crucial to use the Compass to tackle 2022 Travel Trends

Why it's crucial to use the Compass to tackle 2022 Travel Trends

Jan.4, 2022

by Hotelbeds

The ushering in of the new year is representative of many things: from fresh starts to brand new commitments, the turn of 2022 already has many of us pondering how to make the most of it.

Resolutions are already being made, and if previous years are anything to go by, it’s extremely likely that certain promises are to be added to the list.

The Compass by Hotelbeds is the number one tool that travel agents need to succeed in 2022. With a plethora of fantastic features, The Compass is designed to guide you through crucial booking periods and will help you to tackle the 2022 travel trends head on.

Read on to discover the top 4 benefits of using The Compass!

  1. Data-Powered Destination Promotion 
  2. Digital Marketing, Made Easy
  3. Traveler’s Preferences Made Painless
  4. Identifying Opportunities by Lead Time 

Data-Powered Destination Promotion 

Here at Hotelbeds, we understand the importance of technology in the modern era and have revolutionized the travel industry with The Compass. By using global data to provide real-time market insights, The Compass makes it simple to understand tourism trends at a glance: not only will you know which destinations are popular, but you’ll also be able to see when potential customers are hoping to travel. Frankie Leonard from Co-Operative Holidays has certainly benefitted from this information, and had this to share about The Compass: 

‘I'm using The Compass to keep on top of the trends, to see what changes are happening in the top of the list, and to be ahead of everybody else. I can see what the market is booking within the UK and I've got inspiration for an offer for next week.’ 

Building your promotion strategy around travel industry trends is an excellent way to appeal to your future clients whilst standing out from the competition – give it a go, and prepare to welcome the rewards. 


Digital Marketing, Made Easy 

Speaking of promotion strategies, did you know that The Compass has an in-built marketing feature your clients will love?  

It’s common knowledge that today’s travelers exist in an online world. That means that any research they’re undertaking will largely be carried out via their laptops or phones, leading to a multitude of tabs being open at any one time. Sounds convoluted, doesn’t it? Surely, there must be a better way to display this information without overwhelming the customer...? 

As travel marketing has gotten to be more digital throughout the years, certain commodities (such as brochures) have become less prevalent; that said, there is still a place for visual materials. Travel is very much an aesthetic pastime, as proven by its popularity on platforms such as Instagram: 60% of travellers (and 97% of Millennials) share their travel photos on social media, while 87% use social media for travel inspiration. In short, people love looking at travel photos (the easier they can do this, the better), therefore the use of attractive images in marketing materials will engage your clients as they take pleasure in this game of ‘show and tell’. Introducing The Compass’ custom flyers. 

Creating marketing materials with The Compass couldn’t be simpler; all you need to do is:

  1. select up to eight hotels in your client’s desired destination
  2. upload your logo
  3. add a unique header and any disclaimers. 
  4. and pick how you’d like the flyer to be shared. As well as converting the flyer into a PDF format which can be printed out or emailed to your client, there’s also the option to send it by WhatsApp – the perfect way to capture their attention on the go.

Teresa Godoy Rodriquez from Goscan Travel has this to say about the benefits of The Compass’ flyer creation tool: 

‘The flyer creator is a very useful and comfortable tool to keep clients informed, because nowadays everyone is looking at the mobile phone in their hand. Thanks to WhatsApp desktop, we are able to send offers from The Compass straight to the clients. The flyer creator makes it much easier to give my clients a comparison of hotels and destinations.’ 

Traveler’s Preferences Made Painless 

Another long-held tradition, so to speak, is the issuing of travel reports and predictions for the year ahead. Big players such as Amadeus, Hilton and Forbes Magazine are known for their insightful end-of-year publications which cover all manner of forecasts, from anticipated popular destinations to the holiday styles expected to take off.

According to both TravelDailyMedia and TravelPulse, holidaymakers are hoping to fast-track their bucket-list adventures by plotting full-on itineraries, including stays in expensive hotels and excursions such as safari toursMain drivers such as contentment and culture point towards a profitable year for the travel industry, and it’s the agents who know how to accommodate these desires who are set to succeed. But which other key features are set to influence travelers in 2022? 

The global travel giant Amadeus has reported a rise in searches for ‘friendcations’ (large group trips) in addition to requests for wide-open spaces. This blend of traveler styles should come as a blessing to agents, especially to those who utilize The Compass’ destination filters: just a press of a button will separate holidays out by destination theme such as ‘sun and beach’, making it easy to cater to your clients while minimizing the legwork on your part.

Finally, while we’re all ready to put the pandemic and its restrictions behind us, there’s no escaping that COVID-19 has pushed the general population towards a higher level of cautiousness: while potential holidaymakers are undoubtably ready for a getaway, a certain nervousness persists and dictates booking decisions. Many hoteliers have acknowledged the sensitivity of would-be travelers and have levelled-up their hygiene policies as a result; meanwhile, we’ve added a new label to The Compass which clearly displays the accommodations you can advertise for your health-conscious clients. Just keep your eyes peeled for the ‘Safe2Stay’ badge. 

Identifying Opportunities by Lead Time 

While 2021 witnessed the rise of the ‘Staycation’, 2022 looks set to see a combination of trips taken closer to home versus all-out odysseys. As much as it’s true that a high number of travelers are seeking the adventure of a lifetime (wherever that may be), plenty of people are still erring on the side of caution and are choosing to remain within their own country’s borders. The Compass enables agents to differentiate between suitable options for both types of traveler, with contrasting ‘domestic’ and ‘international’ filters available to select if so desired – but did you know that you can also see which destinations are trending, based on lead time alone? 

When using The Compass, you can choose to filter your searches out by as much or as little information as you’d wish. In addition to international and domestic travel, you can also select the specific region your client might be interested in, the type of traveler they are (for example, family-orientated or traveling for business), and even the star ratings they’re willing to consider. But if they’re more the type to trust in your expertise rather than to make demands, the lead time filter will no doubt be your best friend: all you’ll need to do, in this case, is select their origin of travel and intended travel window. The Compass will pull up a list of in-demand destinations specific to your market, while the orange ‘bell icon’ will feature next to the locations you should be considering as an opportunity (aka, those which ither agents in your market are already booking). This information is updated daily, with week-on-week trends shaping recommendations and helping you to leverage your business. 

So there we have it: in just a few easy steps, you can upgrade your travel agent game for the 2022 booking season. Gain access to The Compass by login now.