To really simplify, we know that we have to make some changes to our service and response times. What could be simpler than making one call or sending one email and having a quick response and the issue resolved in the fastest time possible?

We have decided to make a guarantee that we will answer ALL emails within just 24 hours, no matter when it is sent or what it the subject is. We are committing to this to give you the peace of mind of knowing that we are listening to you.

Being in this industry for so long has taught us that when it comes to hotel reservations, anything can happen when a client goes to check-in. For your customers this is the last thing they want when they arrive on their holiday, but we are here to help. For on-the-spot emergencies we are committing to resolving the issue within 60 minutes. If the problem concerns a bookout, we will do everything we can to get your client in the hotel they have booked. In the rare case that we can’t do this, we will also resolve the issue within one hour and also offer clear compensation.

And what about complaints? Well, we really are doing everything we can to avoid them, but when we do receive them we are guaranteeing a 7 working day response. We also commit to closing the complaint and ending it on a happy note within just 20 working days.


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