"The Help Desk is great. WE LOVE IT!"

"The Help Desk is great. WE LOVE IT!"

Aug.2, 2021

by Hotelbeds

Last year during the height of the pandemic we launched SelfSeT, a combined set of self-service tools designed to simplify how you work with us. This package included a range of fantastic features that were designed to help you cope with the pressures caused by Covid-19.

Marilena Barile from our friends at Skylink Voyages Inc. had these nice words to say about our new Reservations Help Desk. We are so happy that they find this new SelfSeT tool useful:

"The new Reservations Help Desk is great for managing tickets, and we like the way we get emails to inform that Hotelbeds are working on cases. It's also useful that we can use this tool to send a special request or a remark to the hotel."

Through SelfSeT, you can manage your bookings directly on our website, saving time and effort without having to call us or send emails, meaning our CRC teams can focus on the matters that need your attention the most.

These are the actions you can self-manage on SelfSeT:

•          Solving issues fast online;

•          Avoiding having to pick up the phone;

•          Managing your bookings directly on our website;

•          Raise and track tickets relating to booking queries;

•          Stop having to send emails.

Our SelfSeT tools help you to resolve your most common booking queries 100% online, and they include:

•          An enhanced booking management panel that allows you to modify your bookings in just 3 steps, including special requests.

•         Flexible cancellation tools which mean you can perform all your cancellations within just a few clicks. You can even cancel a booking on the same day as check-in!